Piezo-electric force sensor

Piezo-electric force sensor

We provide the piezo-electric force sensor. Unlike the strain gauge, which measures static load, it has high resolution and high rigidity and is suitable for measuring instantaneous load. It has two types. One is the force sensor receiving highly dynamic pressure of machine. The other is the piezo-electric strain sensor detecting mechanical strain.


・Compact and highly sensitive
For example, a sensor(thickness 4mm and diameter 19mm)
can measure the load of 2t.

・Wide dynamic range
Good linearity from low load to high load

・High rigidity
The sensor strains only a few μm (2t sensor) and
its resonant frequency is very high.

・High durability

Robust because of the simple structure employing piezoelectric element

Force Senor (cable out)
 Model  Maximum
 measurement range
 FTW01  100kg  φ18.9×4.0t
 FTW05  500kg  φ18.9×4.0t
 FTW20  2t  φ18.9×4.0t
 FTW255  2.5t  φ18.9×5.0t
 FTW50  5t  -
 FTW100  10t  -

Force sensor (connector out)
 Model  Maximum
 measurement  range
 FTC2083  2t  φ16.5×7.87t
 FTC4083  4t  φ16.5×7.87t
Piezo-electric strain sensor
 Model  Output
 PSS25  25mV /μstrain
 PSS50  90mV /μstrain
   PSS100    160mV /μstrain

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