Contact force monitor

Contact force monitor


This non-destructive system measures contact force quickly. Unlike the conventional method measuring the contact-spring pressure by cutting-off the box terminal’s top plate, it is very accurate and is of easy operation.

1. Shorten measurement time
This system inserts automatically its pressure sensor, which is made in the same shape as a male terminal tab, into a box terminal. It measures contact force accurately without mechanical friction at insertion. Skill or experience are not required at all, and measured data is very stable without variation. It takes only 10 to 15 seconds from setting a box terminal to finishing the measurement.

2. Applicable to small terminals
This system can measure even such terminals that cannot be measured in destructive method due to their shapes or very small sizes. They are difficult to expose their spring. Operators have only to replace its sensor and terminal’s holder for it.
(Current measurable size: tab thickness 0.4mm to 0.8mm)

3. High accuracy
For terminals for automobiles, its measurement specifications are as follows:

Measurement range                            2.0N to 15.0N
Repeat accuracy                                 -0.1N to 0.1N.
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