Eye Mark Eye-M03

Eye Mark Eye-M03


Eye-M02 can detect wrong core pins set in an injection mold quickly and surely. Its high resolution camera captures multiple pictures of the mold surface from various angles with LED lights in order to get clear visible images of engraved match marks on the core pins. Its software automatically determines whether there should exist any errors among those pictures.
This system prevents users from overlooking mistakes in core pin installation. In addition, it succeeds drastically in improving operational efficiency. This is an image inspection device, which is surely going to replace the inspection way conventionally done with humane eye. We believe that this system is very helpful in your production sites.

About Software
Simple operation
Set the mold tool and enter its registered number to start the inspection. You can monitor the inspection status because inspected images appear one after another. 

Judgment result display
Other than the judgment result, this system can display the position of  the core pin judged as error and show both good and bad images.

・Inspection image display
The system displays the whole image. You may switch the current inspection point to the other inspection points  and also switch the image to the same images captured with other angles of light.
  Model name  Eyemark image inspection  
 system for injection    molding mold
  Part number   Eye-M03
  mold size
  Target    Hand-written characters,  
  engraved marks by laser,
  and other kinds of marks
  mark size
   1mm2 or larger engraved
  Inspection items   Wrong setting of core pins,
  omission of core pins
  number of molds
   Approximately 1300 molds
  (in the case that the capacity     of HDD is 2TB)
  Software    Eyemark Check
 (Supported OS: Windows10)

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